Extra Wide Plank Flooring by Legno Bastone

Posted on February 13, 2015 by The Wood Floor Company

Legno Bastone flooring at The Wood Floor Company

If you want to support a local, family-owned flooring business, The Wood Floor Company partered with Legno Bastone is the best choice. Specializing in custom, extra wide plank flooring with exceptional quality, these floors typically feature a 6 millimeter wear layer with a 9-ply subfloor. Planks are constructed in Italy and sold locally by The Wood Floor Company. This product offers a wide range of gorgeous finishes to compliment any space with timeless beauty.

Legno Bastone floors feature a UV-cured oil finish. This type of top coat requires little to no maintenance and is easy to touch up. Legno Bastone’s oil finish provides a far more natural look than a urethane finish. Another benefit of oil-cured floors is its ability to mask scratches and wear. With a urethane finish, scratches are not easily fixable. A scratch on an cured oil floor can be “polished” out with a matching oil. You can read more about UV-cured oil finishes here on the National Wood Floor Flooring Association’s website. We have a current memebership with the NWFA and our installers frequent continuing education seminars annually.

The most impressive aspect of Legno Bastone’s craft is their uncompromising attention to detail. The best logs are hand-picked from European Oak forests that have been carefully tended. The forestry experts practice a sincere dedication to the art of wood manufacturing. The Wood Floor Company enjoys partnerships with local small businesses, which is why we have this particular wide plank listed at an extremely competitive price. We strive to educate our clients on the artistry and passion that goes into making a superior product.

Legno Bastone

We have several Legno Bastone samples – as well as 1000s of others wood floors – in our Naples showroom, located at 2122 Tamiami Trail in the Gateway Plaza.


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